Planning for next releaseof MapGenius

Thanks to all those who downloaded and played with MapGenius and gave valuable feedback!

Here is what I am planning for the next release based on the feedback so far and my own thinking:

- Improve the "Victory Lap" - make it more fun. I have some ideas for this, but I would welcome other ideas. I am thinking along the lines of some music videos I have seen where they have a vehicle going through a city (along with some accompanying vehicles) while some music plays in the background. 

- Add a "free drive" mode: People want to just drive around, particularly to explore the wilderness outside the city.

- Add another level. I am thinking of adding a "downtown" level which will consist mostly of rectangular blocks, but a lot more of them. Kind of like a section of Manhattan. Another possibility is to add a "futuretown" level which will have a more futuristic look. Possibly including a flying car a la Bladerunner.


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