A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Are you a MapGenius? Prove it!

MapGenius helps you recover the mapping and navigation skills that were lost when we started using navigation systems and apps. Drive a car around various towns and terrains, looking for landmarks, and create a map. Take a victory lap when you succeed!

MapGenius is currently under development. I am publishing it to get feedback and improve the game accordingly. I am an indie developer, new to the art of game development, though I have many years of cloud computing and web software development experience in general. I would appreciate any helpful ideas, suggestions, and directions.

Thanks for playing!


MapGenius-Win64-Beta-3.zip 114 MB
MapGenius-Mac-Beta-3.zip 154 MB

Development log


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You have taken up a tough challenge 

Before playing I am going to think how I would construct one ...