MapGenius 0.5 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of MapGenius 0.5.

In this release:

- Further improvements to the Victory Lap and Free Drive features

- You can now name your car

- You can save / load player state or completely restart the game

- A lot of visual / UX / fit and finish improvements

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

Basically, I believe at this point the game is at the MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) stage. The basic gameplay works, exceptions are handled, all UI and essential features are in.

So what's remaining to get to V 1.0:

- additional levels, either fully or partly automatically generated. (Currently they are partly automatically generated.)

- wrap the gameplay in a storyline to make the game more fun

- leaderboard and car selection

- code signing and app store submission

- marketing the game.

Please give the current release a try. Enjoy!


MapGenius 0.5 for Windows 102 MB
Nov 10, 2020
MapGenius 0.5 for Mac 119 MB
Nov 10, 2020

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